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Patient Monitors

CMS6500 is a portable monitor with touch screen appropriate for monitoring adult, pediatric and neonate patients.                                                                                                             

To ensure monitoring quality and reduce operation risk, it adopts full-isolation(floating), ECG defibrillation-proof protection, ECG anti-high frequency interference and NIBP dual-overpressure protection technique, which is applicable for monitoring adult, pediatric and neonate.


Main Features

■Display mode: 7'' color LCD with high-resolution.

■Standard parameters: ECG, SpO2, NIBP, RESP, TEMP, PR

■Simple and shortcut for operating with touch screen.

■Monitoring parameters, scan speed, volume and output contents can be set optionally. Waveform and parameter color also can be set optionally.

■Storage of 48-hour trend data, and review of 34-second holographic waveform.

■Full-lead ECG display.

■Anti-high frequency surgical unit, defibrillation-proof(requirement for special leads).

■Adopt digital SpO2 technology, which has strong anti-interference and anti-weak filling capability.

■Network: connecting with central station, other Bed observation and software updating.

■Built-in rechargeable battery for uninterrupted monitoring.

■Optional functions: Moving bracket, hanging bracket and 12-lead.

1 Classification
Anti-electroshock typeClass I equipment and internal powered equipment
EMC typeClass A
Anti-electroshock degreeECG(RESP), SpO2, NIBP, TEMP CF
Harmful liquid proof degreeOrdinary equipment (sealed equipment without liquid proof)
Disinfection/sterilizing methodRefer to Chapter 10 ~ Chapter 13 for details.
Working systemContinuous running equipment
2 Specifications
2.1 Size and Weight
Size Monitor190 x 160 x 240 mm
Weight Monitor2.1 kg
2.2 Environment
Working5 ~ 40 °C
Transport and Storage-20 ~ 60 °C
Working≤80 %
Transport and Storage≤95 %(no coagulate)
Working-500 to 4,600m
Transport and Storage-500 to 13,100m
Power Supply
Working100~240VAC, 50/60 Hz,
Transport and StoragePmax=150VA
2.3 Display
Device7 in. Color TFT, 3 LED
Messages1 Alarm LED (Yellow/Red)
1 Power LED (Green)
1 Battery Charge LED (Yellow)
3 Sound Mode corresponding Alarm Mode
2.4 Signal Interface
Amplitude1 mV
Accuracy< 5 %
Impedance50 Ω
Signal Delay< 20 ms
2.5 Battery
Rechargeable 3.7 A/Hr 8.4V Li battery.
Operating time under the normal use and full charge greater than 120minutes.
Operating time after the first alarm of low battery will be about 5 minutes.
2.6 Recorder (Option)
Record Width48 mm
Paper Speed25/50 mm/S
Recording types:Continuous real-time recording
8 second real-time recording
Auto 8 second recording
Parameter alarm recording
Waveform freeze recording
Trend graph/table recording
ARR events review recording
Alarm event review recording
NIBP review recording
Drug Calculation and titration table recording
2.7 Recall
Trend Recall
Short1 hrs, 1 Second Resolution
Long72 hrs, 1 Min. Resolution
Alarm Event Recall72 alarm events of all parameters and 8/16/32seconds of corresponding waveform.
NIBP Measurement RecallAt least 400 NIBP measurement data.
2.8 ECG
Lead Mode5 Leads (R, L, F, N, C or RA, LA, LL, RL, V)
Lead selectionI, II, III, avR, avL, avF, V,
Lead mode3 Leads (R, L, F or RA, LA, LL)
Lead selectionI, II, III,
Gain×2.5mm/mV, ×5.0mm/mV, ×10mm/mV, ×20mm/mV
Measurement Range15 ~ 300 bpm
Alarm Range15 ~ 300 bpm
ADU15 ~ 300 bpm
PED/NEO15 ~ 350 bpm
Accuracy±1% or ±1bpm, which great
Resolution1 bpm
Sensitivity> 200 uV P-P
Differential Input Impedance>5 MΩ
Monitor> 105 dB
Operation> 105 dB
Diagnosis> 85 dB
Electrode offset potential±300mV
Leakage Current< 10 uA
Baseline Recovery≤5s After Defi.
ECG Signal Range±8 mV (Vp-p)
Surgery1 ~ 15 Hz
Monitor0.5 ~ 35 Hz
Diagnostic0.05 ~ 100 Hz
Calibration Signal1 mV (Vp-p), ±5% Accuracy
ST Segment Monitoring Range
Measure-0.6 mV~ + 0.8 mV
Alarm-2.0 mV~ + 2.0 mV
MethodImpedance between R-F(RA-LL)
Differential Input Impedance>2.5 MΩ
Measuring Impedance Range0.3~5.0Ω
Base line Impedance Range0.1 KΩ– 2.5 KΩ
Bandwidth0.3 ~ 2.5 Hz
Resp. Rate
Measuring and Alarm Range0 ~ 120 rpm
Adult0 ~ 150 rpm
Neo/Ped 0 ~ 150 rpm
1 rpm
Accuracy±2 rpm
Apnea Alarm10 ~ 40 S
2.10 NIBP
ModeManual, Auto, STAT
Measuring Interval in AUTO Mode1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 90Min
Measuring Period in STAT Mode5 Min
Alarm TypeSYS, DIA, MEAN
Measuring and alarm Range
Adult Mode
SYS 40 ~ 270 mmHg
DIA10 ~ 215 mmHg
MEAN20 ~ 235 mmHg
Pediatric Mode
SYS40 ~ 200 mmHg
DIA10 ~ 150 mmHg
MEAN20 ~ 165 mmHg
Neonatal Mode
SYS40 ~ 135 mmHg
DIA10 ~ 100 mmHg
MEAN 20 ~ 110 mmHg
Maximum Mean error±5mmHg
Maximum Standard deviation±8mmHg
Overpressure Protection
Adult Mode297±3 mmHg
Pediatric Mode240±3 mmHg
Neonatal Mode147±3 mmHg
2.11 SpO2
Measuring Range0 ~ 100 %
Alarm Range0 ~ 100 %
Resolution1 %
Accuracy70% ~ 100% ±2 %
0% ~ 69% unspecified
Actualization intervalabout 1Sec.
Alarm Delay10 Sec.
Pulse Rate
Measuring and Alarm Range0~250bpm
Measuring and Alarm Range0 ~ 50 °C
Actualization intervalabout 1 Sec.
Average Time Constant< 10 Sec.
Please refer to the catalog.
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Modular system for operating theatres

Modular Room Systems

The flexible, prefabricated, modular system for operating theaters, preparation rooms, scrub areas and other hospital rooms.                                                                                                                  

The design of the modular system is carried out in accordance with technical building requirements.

System advantages: 

  • Quick installation time
  • Surfaces easy to clean and disinfect
  • Easy access to all devices behind the walls
  • Easy dismantling for new construction, renovation or maintenance.
  • Mechanical durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Perfect integration with other equipment as surgical scrub sinks, cabinets, ventilation devices, X-ray viewers, etc.
  • Modern aesthetic looks.
Please refer to the catalog.
Please refer to the catalog.
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Surgical Lights

Treatment lights ONYX TI-01 are modern lights using LED diodes as light sources.                                                                                                                                                                                   

They are designed to light operating field durgin diagnostic, therapeutic, cosmetic treatments.

LED technology ensures low energy consumption, no harmful UV radiation and several times longer lifetime in comparison to to the traditional light sources: both halogen and discharge. The most important features  are very good, persistent technical parameters, very low temperature radiation or very long working time.  Treatment  lights ONYX ensure high light intensity and color rendering indexes. Illuminated field can be adjustable by  sterile handle or control panel. Control panel enables also light intensity adjustment, colour temperature adjustment and endoscopic lighting. The little weight of the lamp and used handles make easy setting up and  positioning  of light head. Leakproof construction with high degree of protection provided by enclosures, guarantee easy disinfection and maintenance.

Treatment lights ONYX are offered in 3 installations versions: ceiling, wall mounted or mobile, optionally with battery.

Operating  lights NEXUS OL-01 and OL-02  use LED diodes as light source. They are designed to light operating field during surgical treatments and operations.  The most important features  are very good, persistent technical parameters, very low temperature radiation or very long working time.  Operating lights  OL-01 and OL-02  ensure high light intensity and color rendering indexes. Illuminated field can be adjustable by  sterile handle or control panel. Control panel enables also light intensity adjustment, colour temperature adjustment and endoscopic lighting. The little weight of the lamp and used handles make easy setting up and  positioning  of light head. Leakproof construction with high degree of protection provided by enclosures, guarantee easy disinfection and maintenance.

Operating lights OL-01 and OL-02 are offered in 3 installations versions: ceiling, wall mounted or mobile.

Operating  lights OL-01 can be  equipped with integrated HD camera to monitor and record the surgery. 

4-8 Weeks
Parameter of operating light INFIMED NEXUS
Light intensity Ec160 000 lx130 000 lx
Light intensity adjustment5 – 100%5 – 100%
Color temperature Tc (without adjustment)4300K (4800 K)*4300K (4800 K)*
Color temperature Tc (with adjustment)(3700 – 5000 K)*(3700 – 5000 K)*
Light field diameter d10 at Ec240 mm (180 – 400mm)* 240 mm (180 – 400mm)*
Working range700 – 1400 mm700 – 1400 mm
Illumination depth (L1+L2)800 mm (1200 mm)*800 mm (1200 mm)*
Color rendering index [Ra(1-8)]> 93 ( > 95)*> 93 ( > 95)*
Red color rendering index [R9]> 90*> 90*
Endo lighting with adjustable intensityGreen lightGreen light
Temperature of light surface after 60 min< 40,00 o
< 40,00 o
Increase of temperature near doctor’s head< 1,00 o
< 1,00 o
Power supply90 – 250 V AC90 – 250 V AC
Power consumption110W80W
Luminary head voltage24 – 28V DC24 – 28V DC
Average service life of the LEDs (h) > 50 000> 50 000
Class of protection of light head> 50 000> 50 000
* additional options
Parameter of treatment light INFIMED ONYX
Light intensity Ec60000 lx(100 000 lx)*
Dimming range10 – 100%
Color temperature Tc4300K (4800K)*
Light field size d10 at Ec240mm (240–340 mm)*
Illumination depth (L1+L2)800 mm
Color rendering index [Ra(1-8)] > 92 ( > 95)*
Red color rendering index [R9] > 90
Temperature of light surface after 60 min< 40,00o
Increase of temperature near doctor’s head< 1,00o
Power supply90 – 250 V AC
Power consumption50W
Luminary head voltage24 – 28V DC
Average service life of the LEDs (h)> 50 000
Class of protection of light headIP54
* additional options
Please refer to the catalog.
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Stainless steel medical furniture

Medical Furniture

High quality medical furniture perfect for the needs of hospitals, medical clinics, physician or therapy office.                                                                      



  • Medical furniture made of stainless steel
  • Surgical scrub sinks
  • Mobile infusion holders
  • Mobile bins
  • Tables for surgical instruments
  • Trolleys for medical devices


Infimed-brochure-Furniture rev1.pdf
Please refer to the catalog.
Please refer to the catalog.
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Akzent Color

Anesthesia Systems

Success and quality of an anesthesia procedure is considered optimal if the physician can concentrate fully on the patient.                                               

With AKZENT COLOR, EPSIMED is offering an easy- to-use anesthesia unit that is as intuitive as it is ergonomic, and hence allows its operator to focus the attention entirely on the patient.

The ability to accommodate a wide variety of patient profiles with just one anesthesia workstation is indispensable for routine clinical care nowadays. The solution: AKZENT COLOR.
The extremely flexible high-end anesthesia unit helps providing professional care for all patients, from premature babies to adults and, thanks to its ultra-compact construction, even fits into the smallest operating room.


The ventilator

AKZENT COLOR offers outstanding ventilation characteristics for all patient groups, reaching the standard of an intensive care ventilator. In the neonatal and paediatric fields in particular, AKZENT COLOR sets the standard with regard to the precision of its anaesthesia ventilation. Ventilation modes VCV, PCV, VC- and PC-SIMV and PSVcare are available, along with manual and spontaneous breathing, and all modes can be set by the operator to minimal flow, low flow or high flow conditions.

Breathing system

The breathing system is designed for the complete patient range from premature babies to adults, and achie- ves impressive precision in its gas exchange function. As a fully integrated and heated unit, it is extremely simple to operate, easy to maintain, and requires a minimum of hoses and pipes.

Operating concept

The user guidance and menu navigation is clearly structured and easily understood. This, combined with an ergonomic design, makes for intuitive and reliable use both during routine clinical care and in emergency situations. Switching between operating modes can
be performed quickly and easily by turning a single central control knob.

Design and construction

AKZENT COLOR is considered to be the most com- pact high-end anesthesia workstation on the market. With its slimline construction, it can be used without difficulty even where space is at a premium, such as in preoperative rooms.

Graphical color display

The newly developed display is very clearly laid out and has excellent contrast. Two different user interface designs are provided for the operator to choose bet- ween. The first option was specifically designed
for brightly lit rooms, while the second has clear ad- vantages in darkened surroundings, such as operating theaters.

Integrated monitoring

AKZENT COLOR provides detailed monitoring in which the key parameters for ventilation and anesthesia are displayed to the physician in a clear and well structured fashion. The aim is allowing the operator to interpret the anesthesia data easily and hence improve patient safety.

Monitoring of anesthetic gases can be provided as an option by an integrated gas measurement module which, depending on the model, may include automatic gas identification.


Ships in 3-6 Weeks
Technical Specifications
Air 1 ... 12 l/min (graduation: 0,5)
O2 Fine: 0 ... 1 l/min (graduation: 0,1)
Coarse: 1 ... 11 l/min (graduation: 0,5)
N2O Fine: 0; 0,1 ... 1 l/min
Coarse: 1 ... 10 l/min
Operating unit
Tidal volume Vte optional70 ... 1500 ml
5 ... 150 ml (PNT Type B/C)
Ventilation freq.3 ... 100 min-1
I:E ratio3:1 ... 1:6
Pmax5 ... 70 mbar
Peep0 ... 30 mbar
Pplateau0 ... 95%
O2-Flush> 25 l/min
DisplayColor TFT; 8,4"Pressure
VolumesPinsp, Peep, Pmean
Vte, MV
Gases optionalINO2
AGA: Sev, Des, Enf, Iso, Hal, N2O
Ventilation freq.f
Graphs displayedP(t), V'(t), Scaling
AlarmsVisual, audible
Clear text messages
VolumeMV, Vte, Apnoe
MACAge: 1 - 120 years
Gas measurement optionalINO2
AGA: Sev, Des, Enf, Iso, Hal, N2O
Gas ControlLow presure O2: electronic
Low pressure Air: electronic
Low pressure N2O: electronic
N2O-Ratio Syst.: pneumatic
Data outputRS232; SD-Card
SensorsFlow/volume Pneumotachograph
Internal PNT up to 160 l/min
External PNT B/C up to 25 l/min
FIO2 El.-chem. O2 cell
optional Paramagnetic O2 cell
– Wall-mounted unit 740 x 770 x 250 mm (WxHxD)
– Mobile Unit740 x 1400 x 250 mm (WxHxD)
Class according to 93/42 ECC
II b
Technical changes without notice! EPSIMED LLC 09/2012
Please refer to the catalog.
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Infusion Pumps

EPSIMED 801E infusion pump is intended to provide accurate and continuous intravenous infusion.                                                                                                                                     

EPSIMED 801E is with a full function of audio and visual alarm and exact infusion-controlled function. It is used widely, safely and reliably. EPSIMED 801E can control the flow rate automatically. It is not just available for the intravenous infusion of normal brine and dextrose, but also for the infusion of high surface tension. Standard IV sets of 10, 15, 20 and 60 d/mL are applicable. The battery supply system can guarantee the continue infusion when move the patient or the AC power is disconnected. Easy switch between mL/h, d/min and volume/time units. The finger pump is detachable and can be washed in water. The tube clamp is detachable and can be washed in water. Easily operate with single hand by using the side handle.

In Stock
Product name: EPSIMED 801 E Infusion pump
Applicable IV set: 10, 15, 20 and 60 d/mL
(with outer diameter 3.4 ~ 4.5mm)
Pumping mechanism:Peristaltic finger pump
Infusion mode: Drip-rate & volumetric
Maximum flow rate: 1200 mL/h
Drip rate accuracy: ±1.5%
Flow rate accuracy:±5% (after calibration)
Volume infused display: 0 ~ 9999 mL & >9999 mL
Volume limit:1 ~ 9999 mL
KVO (keep vein open): 1 mL
Drip detection: Infrared optoelectronic detection
Air-in-line detection:Ultrasonic, 50 ~ 1000 µL, 8 sensitivities setting
Occlusion pressure:40 ~ 140 KPa, 8 sensitivities setting
Sound volume: 8 levels setting
Max. power consumption:≤25VA
Peristaltic finger pump:Detachable
Tube clamp: Detachable
Display: Blue LCD with high brightness
AC power: AC100V ~ 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Internal battery: Rechargeable Ni-MH battery, DC12V,
2000mAh, life: approximately 4 hours at 25mL/h
Net weight: 2.3 kg
Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm x 235mm
Audio and visual alarms: Air-in-line, Door open, Upstream occlusion, Downstream occlusion, Infusion finished, No operation, Leakage, Bottom empty, Battery low, Pump error, Motor reverse, AC power lost, etc.
Finger pump cassette
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Electrosurgical units

Monopolar and bipolar electrosurgical unit that provides high precision and reliability.                                                        

EPSIMED ESU-300 HP can be used to execute monopolar and bipolar surgery in the many fields of application where it is requested high precision and reliability.

• Two output channels for monopolar cutting
• Two independent setting and output channels for the most frequent monopolar coagulation

• Enhanced cutting current for eschar free incision
• Cutting current with selectable coagulating property for bleeding controlled dissection
• Low capacitive coupling by slow BLEND current for endoscopic procedures

• SPEEDY* coagulation and DEEP**coagulation available to two operators
• SPRAY coagulation available by hand switch or foot switch controls

• Bipolar cutting current with selectable bleeding control
• Slow BLEND cutting current
• Separately activable Automatic Start/Stop coagulation (Detection system of tissue impedance)

• Acceptability of contact impedance between patientbody and return electrode continuously watched by Skin Plate Electronic Control (SPEC)
• H.F. Leakage currents continuously monitored
• Mains fluctuation automatically compensated before starting the delivery of HF power

• Independent choice of coagulative currents and power levels by each of two operators
• Ten personal configurable and immediately recallable procedures

• Drived output connection to external Argon Plasma unit and Smoke Evacuator unit

• Automatic diagnostic control of the actual complete functionality of the electronic unit and the connected accessories with coded report of failures

*SPEEDY coagulation also said Fulgurate or Forced coagulation
**DEEP coagulation also said Pin Point, Dessicate or Soft coagulation.


Patient/Plate circuit monitoring 
Output power monitoring
 Self check control 
H.F. Leakage currents control
 Compensation of mains fluctuation



Electrical Class: I CF
MDD 93/42/EC Class: II b


In Stock
24 Hour shipping
Reference code 10400.801
Maximum output power monopolar pure CUT300 W – 300 Ω
Maximum output power monopolar cut-coag CUT80%250 W – 300 Ω
Maximum output power monopolar cut-coag CUT60%200 W – 300 Ω
Maximum output power monopolar cut-coag CUT40%150 W – 300 Ω
Maximum output power monopolar cut ENHANCED200 W – 500 Ω
Maximum output power monopolar cut-coag BLEND200 W – 300 Ω
Maximum output power monopolar coag SPEEDY100 W – 500 Ω
Maximum output power monopolar coag DEEP100 W – 200 Ω
Maximum output power monopolar coag SPRAY70 W – 2000 Ω
Maximum output power monopolar coag SPRAY ARGON70 W – 2000 Ω
Maximum output power bipolar CUT95 W – 150 Ω
Maximum output power bipolar cut-coag CUT80%95 W – 150 Ω
Maximum output power bipolar cut-coag CUT60%95 W – 150 Ω
Maximum output power bipolar cut-coag CUT40%60 W – 150 Ω
Maximum output power bipolar cut-coag BLEND90 W – 150 Ω
Maximum output power bipolar coag COAG70 W – 100 Ω
Working frequency Monopolar / Bipolar425kHz/525kHz
Patient circuitF
Selectable input voltage115-230 Vac
Mains frequency50 – 60 Hz
Electrical input power1000 VA
Size WxHxD mm470X150X400
Weight17,5 Kgs
Standard Composition:
Disposable handle with switches (5 pcs) 755VL
Reusable handle with switchesF4243
Blade electrode 7 cm (3 pcs)152-110
Blade electrode 16 cm (3 pcs)152-115
Needle electrode 7 cm (3 pcs)152-120
Ball electrode 6 cm (3 pcs)152-150
Cable for neutral electrode00404.08
Disposable split neutral electrode (5 pcs)F7920
Electrode cleaning spongeF7520
Double water-proof foot-switch (2 pcs)00301.04
Power supply cable 5 mt00100.01
Code DescriptionESU-300HP
- Electrosurgical unit codeEPS10400.801A
755VLDisposable handle with finger switches*/5
F4243Reusable handle with finger switches (HPSW112)*/1
152-110Blade electrode 7 cm*/3
152-115Blade electrode 16 cm*/3
152-120Needle electrode 7 cm*/3
152-150Ball electrode / 4mm 6 cm*/3
00404.08Cable for connected neutral electrode disposable type / 5365*/1
F7920Disposable Split Neutral electrode*/5
F7520Electrode cleaning sponge 47x50mm*/1
00301.04Double water-proof foot switch HP*/2
00100.01Power supply cable 5m 3x1.5mm SIEMENS-IEC*/1
152-132Ball curved electrode / 2mm 6 cm*
152-142Ball curved electrode / 3mm 5 cm*
152-152Ball curved electrode / 4mm 6 cm*
152-162Ball curved electrode / 5mm 6 cm*
152-130Ball electrode / 2mm 6 cm*
152-145Ball electrode / 3mm 14 cm*
152-140Ball electrode / 3mm 6 cm*
152-165Ball electrode / 5mm 14 cm*
152-160Ball electrode / 5mm 6 cm*
190-160Bipolar cable EUR 3mt*
CB462Bipolar cable 3mt*
310-590Bipolar electrode 20cm – curved 2*
310-510Bipolar electrode 20cm – direct*
310-110-05Bipolar Forceps 11,5cm TIP0.5mm*
310-140-10Bipolar Forceps 20cm TIP 1mm*
310-140-20Bipolar Forceps 20cm TIP 2mm*
310-180-10Bipolar Forceps Angled 20cm TIP 1mm*
310-180-20Bipolar Forceps Angled 20cm TIP 2mm*
310-182-10Bipolar Forceps Angled Curved 20cm TIP 1mm*
310-185-10Bipolar Forceps Angled Curved 20cm TIP 1mm*
310-112-05Bipolar Forceps Curved 11,5cm TIP0.5mm*
310-142-10Bipolar Forceps Curved 20cm TIP 1mm*
310-142-20Bipolar Forceps Curved 20cm TIP 2mm*
152-112Blade curved electrode 7 cm*
00404.07Cable for connection neutral electrode F7915/F7930*
F7915Conductive rubber neutral electrode without cable*
F7930Conductive rubber split neutral electrode without cable*
152-195Conization electrode 13 cm*
0350Disposable Neutral electrode*
152-175-10Loop electrode 10x10 l.15 cm*
152-190-13Loop electrode 20x13 l.15 cm*
152-190-20Loop electrode 20x20 l.15 cm*
190-260Monopolar cable M4-MP4 3mt*
330-134-20Monopolar Forceps 20cm TIP2mm*
330-160Monopolar Surgical Scissors 18cm*
152-122Needle curved electrode 7 cm*
152-125Needle electrode 13 cm*
F4814Reusable handle without finger switches*
TR003WTrolley 3 shelves*
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Thank you for your visit during FIME 2015

Thank you for your visit during FIME 2015
2015-08-26 12:25:00

Dear Clients, 


We would like to thank all of those who came to the Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) here in Miami Beach and visited our booth. It was a great turnout and we had representati…

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EPSIMED Introduces Medical Furniture to its Product Portfolio.

EPSIMED Introduces Medical Furniture to its Product Portfolio.
2015-05-20 01:45:00

EPSIMED proudly announces the introduction of a new line of Medical Furniture products: DETAYSAN.    DETAYSAN, established in 1963, offers more than 50 years of experience in hospital and office furni…

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